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Tigray Community Atlanta’s intention is to reach out to all Tigrayans residing in and around the state of Georgia.


Tigray Community Atlanta’s intention is to reach out to all Tigrayans residing in and around the state of Georgia. We believe that we face the same challenges that we can address and opportunities we can explore and share using this website as a unique medium to promote and strengthen communities. Hence, we dedicate this website for nonpolitical and nonreligious communications, and we welcome everyone to share her/his ideas that benefit communities in the areas of education, business, health, etc.


As we open this website for business, please adhere to our policies.

Our Policy

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Tigray Community Atlanta Board

TCA's Mission is:

  • To establish a forum free from politics and religion where we work united for our common goal.
  • To facilitate to bring together our experience, skill, finance and time, strengthen our unity and march together as a community
  • To create brotherhood, friendship and love among us, to preserve what is achieved so far and assure its continuity.
  • To establish a situation that enables us to line up besides members and contribute our support in time of challenges which are beyond individual capacity.
  • To prepare our children to comprehend their Ethiopian identity, culture, history and language. To empower those who were born here and for those who came in their childhood to grow up with this understanding.
  • To provide complete services listed in this bylaw and other services that the members deserve but not mentioned here.
  • To open forum that assures members participation on internet and other products of technology communications that function on complete transparency and accountability.

About Us

Tigray Community Atlanta (TCA) is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit, Self Help organization that reflects the rich history, language, self reliance, culture and love of the people of Tigray, Ethiopia.
TCA was established on September 15, 2013 with mutual assistance, promotion of personal growth, financial stability, self reliance, positive family relations and community empowerment in mind.Here at TCA, we strive for successful integration of Tigrayans to the wider American society while preserving our bold identity. It is our goal to promote understanding and harmony among Tigrians and making sure that our identity transfers uninterruptedly to our kids by teaching Tigrigna and Amharic languages, culture and the golden history of Ethiopia.


TCA's main purpose will be supporting our kids in their quest for academic success by providing tutorial services, counseling and beyond. Tutorial services will be provided via students forum created on this website, phone calls and in person. Similarly, the teaching process will be conducted by posting video lessons on this website during school seasons so that our kids and interested individuals can benefit from this program without leaving the comfort of their homes. During summer season, TCA will provide summer camps where our kids can develop and maintain their social values and bonds while learning in classrooms. Sports and other activities will be maintained on a regular basis.


Meet Our Leaders

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Tekle Woldeselassie


Ashenafi Desta

Vice Chairman

Abera Hagos

General Secretary

Gebrehiwot Legesse