Our Policy

Tigray Community Atlanta’s intention is to reach out to all Tigrayans residing in and around the state of Georgia.


Our Policy

Tigray Community Atlanta is a non political, non religious and non profit organization. Based on the nature and principles of TCA, our policy regarding the use of our forums and posting articles are as follows:

Forums: Member forums, youth forums and board forums are for members of the Tigray Community Atlanta only. All forums require members to create a log in profiles. Members are required to use their true names and expected to communicate with the spirit of TCA: civility, brotherhood and tolerance in mind.The board reserves the right to monitor communications on all forums. However, the students forum is open to all ETHIOPIAN students and educators who are willing to interact with our students and make a difference in strengthening their academic performance. Students forum will remain the medium in which students use for educational purposes ONLY. Like the other forums, individuals are required to create a log in profile using verifiable information, including names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses.

Posting articles: all concerned individuals are welcome to post articles in the areas of education, social development, culture, history, poetry and other entertaining articles.

Promoting education and opportunities in different higher educational institutions is our top priority, and we encourage our contributors in this area to empower students with academic enrichment and motivate to sharpen their skills and gain insight into the collegiate experience and post graduate career opportunites. Given the audience, students, we expect contributors to ink their articles in English. All other articles could be written in Tigrigna, Amharic and English.

TCA respects the intellectual property of others, therefore, it is every contributor's sole responsibility for articles that he/she submits to be posted on this website. To make sure the enforcement of this policy, TCA requires every contributor to register with TCA using his/her real name and verifiable information, including phone number, address and email address.

Privacy Policy
Tigray Community Atlanta respects the privacy of visitors to E-mail addresses and other volunteered information are always kept confidential. As with all Web sites, logs certain information from each visitor such as which files are being accessed and the time of day. This information is used to help measure traffic to different parts of our Web site, improve our content, and prevent malicious activity. "Cookies" are used as part of this process.

All materials posted on this Web site are subject to copyrights owned by TCA and other individuals or entities. Any reproduction, retransmission, or republication of all or part of any document found or image on this site is expressly prohibited, unless TCA or the copyright owner of the material has expressly granted its prior written consent to reproduce, retransmit, or republish the material. All other rights reserved.

The names, photos, trademarks and logos of TCA and its partners appearing on this Web site may not be used in any advertising or publicity, or otherwise to indicate TCA's sponsorship of or affiliation with any product or service, without TCA's prior express written permission.

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TCA appreciates your partnership in our quest to empower Ethiopian communities in the Diaspora through this website!